Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beauty That REALLY Matters

So far on this blog, I've been talking mostly about ways to enhance your beauty on the outside.  But I've realized that its even more important to talk about a different type of beauty.  One that really matters. 
I haven't made this entirely clear yet, but I'm going to now.  I'm not just here to give you beauty and makeup tips, tell you about favorite products, reviews, etc.  I'm here to support each of you as a person, and not just with ways that can enhance your beauty on the outside.  I should tell you how to be happy with how you are, even without makeup on.  How to be confident with yourself, even though you have flaws.  To embrace those flaws, and learn to be a better person.  And most importantly, to believe in yourself, and embrace that beauty from within.

Kindness really does go a long way.  And it shows.  I'm not saying that makeup and that stuff is bad in itself.  Obviously it's not.  It's an amazing invention that helps so many people.  It brought me confidence when I was finally able to learn how to cover my acne.  Just remember not to let it become an obsession.  Know how to have the right balance between outer and inner beauty.  Remember, the focus should be on beauty from within.  I feel like lately I've been forgetting that, but it's SO important.  The way you treat others and yourself can really affect the way others think of you, and how you think of yourself.  Another thing is to accept that you're not perfect.  Even makeup can't make you flawless.  At least, not on the inside. 
So today, remember what I've written.  Be happy.  Be kind.  Be beautiful.  Show that you're not afraid to show your flaws, because you know there's more to beauty than that.  And believe me, THAT'S what really matters :)

Love always,

Katie XOXO

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