Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Skincare Tag + Update!

Hey guys, I know it's been a complete five days since my last blog post, and for that I'm very sorry.  So today I'm bringing you a skincare tag, as well as a special announcement to share afterwards.  Please enjoy, I found this tag from missmakeupbeauty, one of my favorite beauty bloggers to read from.

I saw this tag from missmacbeauty, and decided to try it out.  Anyone reading this can do the tag, I tag you all!  Just be sure to mention me if I helped you discover it.

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words
Gentle, simple, soothing, hydrating, acne-fighting

  What's your skin type? 
Oily/combo, oily in most places, but I do get lots of dry patches during fall and winter.

  What's your favourite skincare product?
This is quite difficult.  But I'd have to say probably my Cetaphil Oil-control moisturizer, since it's something I haven't stopped using since I've gotten it, and it's so gentle and not irritating at all.

Top blemish zapper I actually really like my ELF zit zapper, which is only 1 dollar!

Face wipes yay or nay? 
When traveling, yay, since they're so handy.  But I prefer to wash my face when I'm at home since it irritates my skin less.
  Toner yay or nay? 
Yay, I use witch hazel, which works awesome!  I'll be doing a blog post on witch hazel soon :).

  High end skincare or high end make up?
Hard to say, since I don't own any of either.  I guess I'd say skincare because taking care of your skin is super important.  But I would probably buy high end makeup before buying an expensive 300 dollar cleanser.
  What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried? 
I haven't tried anything that unusual before, surprisingly.

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it?  I honestly don't even know what this questions means but perhaps some special cleanser?
Tell us your top skincare tip  Use a moisturizer, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SKIN TYPE!  It is so essential, and I used to not believe it since I had oily skin.  But moisturizer actually helps out with the oiliness and controls it.  Make sure moisturizer is a part of your skincare routine, it's so important.

If you enjoyed reading my answers, do the tag yourself! And comment below if you do it, I would love to read it!
Now that I've done the tag, it's time for me to update you.  My announcement is that just a few days ago, I created my own youtube channel!  And the cool thing is, I'll sometimes be doing videos that I'll also share with you directly on the blog and post additional info written down on the blog.  So even if you don't have a youtube account, you can still stay updated with the videos I'm making.  My goal is to make at least one video a week, and 2-3 blog posts a week.  Because of this, I may have to delay beginning Wednesdays From Within, since I am extremely busy lately.

Anyway, that is my news.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel here. 
Also, leave your thoughts below about this new update.  What do you think?  Leave your video requests below.

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